Invisible Fence® Independent Service & Pet Stop® Dog Fencing Installations

ecolite-detail-smecolite-diagnostic-chargerIf you’ve ever found yourself driving around your neighborhood, calling out the window for the family dog, then possibly you’ve thought about an underground pet containment system! Safety and exercise are usually the main reasons behind considering a pet containment system.

Jim Naughton is the owner and operator of Pet Stop of Susquehanna Valley. We install, train, Pet Stop® Outdoor Transmitterand service all underground dog fence systems in Lancaster and Lebanon Pa. Our goal is to safely contain our customers pets with the best containment products on the market. This is why we only use American Made Professional Pet Stop ® products that are designed and manufactured here in Morgantown, Pa.

Here’s a short video on how it works:

Why Pet Stop?

During the ’70s and ’80s, electronic pet containment was controlled by one company making one product. When the patent expired in 1989, the door was flung open for competitors.

What makes Pet Stop the best fence company in US? Dog and cat owners who compare electronic pet containment systems quickly discover that Pet Stop is different from the rest. Honestly, we’re far superior. A bold statement, yes, but we back it up. In fact, our system is so superior it’s fully guaranteed to work gently but effectively for any pet–any breed of dog or cat–outside or even inside your home.

How can we say this? Because Pet Stop is the only company to combine three key factors:

  • Our depth of knowledge
  • A commitment to technology
  • And, of course, a genuine love of petsBecause Your Pet is Unique

Simply put, our guarantee cannot be matched by Invisible Fence® or ANY other pet containment company out there. What you can expect from us is a great experience. Our products are designed by the best engineers in the industry–installed and tuned for quick training of your breed by dealers who have decades of knowledge in this field. But we’re not complete without you, our fellow dog lovers and, we believe, the best customers on the face of the earth. So let us welcome you to the Pet Stop family.

How Do We Do It? We weren’t always this way. For years, Pet Stop was just another brand of electronic dog fence, but something special transformed it from a sleepy Midwest product into one of the leading national brands in pet containment. It began when the most accomplished executive in the industry joined Pet Stop, followed shortly thereafter by the most experienced engineer in the industry; a man who holds more pet containment patents than all other industry engineers combined.Pet Stop Make the Best Electronic Fence Products, period.

Thanks to the efforts of these foremost experts, the UltraElite Receiver™ was born in 2001. As the industry’s lightest, most customizable receiver, it’s a simple but highly effective masterpiece specifically aimed to keep your dog close, comfortable, and safe at home.Soon thereafter, changes came rapidly. Reliability improved dramatically with new manufacturing facilities in the USA staffed by former industry pros. Soon the word spread, and the best dealers in the business took notice. Adding to this, our dealers have undergone special training – which is, in short, the finest training in the market—and we make sure to provide them with only the best materials and support.

This type of transformation is a great American story. It demonstrates what a difference people can make, and the proof lies in the fact that Pet Stop is the fastest growing pet containment company in the world today.Pet Stop has assembled a staff of executives and engineers with several decades of combined experience with the Invisible Fence® Company; each and every one of them are lending their skills and know-how to Pet Stop in order to innovate the most technologically advanced pet containment system in the world.

Pet Stop’s Answers DogWatch

About claims that FM is better

by John J. Purtell, President, Perimeter Technologies, Inc.

Yes, it’s confusing. Because your car radio is clearer on FM than it is on AM it’s natural to assume that it’s better in pet fences too. That’s just not so!

Pet fences are not car radios. Most do not use just an AM or FM signal. For example Pet Stop uses a pattern of signals to create a unique code so that the dog collars only activate when it “sees” the Pet Stop signal. This prevents false activations, which is critically important for your pet’s safety. This coding is called DM, or “Digital Modulation” and we overlay that coding on an AM signal, just like airports do in sending landing signals to airplanes.

So do not be confused because one company touts FM as superior. It’s not superior. It’s only because they would be violating US Patent Law by doing it otherwise.