Our Simple Process

Getting a Pet Stop dog fence installed is a quick and simple process. Follow our easy steps below to see how easy this process will be for you. 


Step 1:
Schedule a consultation

Set up a free consultation online or over the phone. Our experts work with you to find the right, pet safe invisible dog fence solution that works for both your yard and your breed of dog.  

Step 2:
Our Experts Install Your Fence

Our experts install your fence in a safe and respectful manner. We contact all required local digging authorities, to ensure that your installation goes as smooth as possible. 


Step 3:
Enjoy your safe yard!

There’s nothing left to do but kick back, relax and watch as your furry friends roam their new found space. If anything is out of place or not to your liking, or experts will work to fix it, at no cost to you. 

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